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For the orphanage in Burkina Faso!

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We support a day care center in Slovakia for refugee Ukrainian children.

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HUMMAID= Human + Umma (Community of all human beings) + Aid.

It is our vision to create memories. Children who suddenly remember having access to fresh drinking water from a well not having to walk several kilometers to enjoy this necessity. Human beings like you and me, who remember the shining eyes of the childrenwhen we distribute food. And the memories of our children when they take example from our actions and try to give something back to the world. In the end it does not count whatyou decide to do but which actions you have actually taken. We create memories. Authentic. Personal. Transparent. Together with you.


Our projects are what gets us going, makes and motivates us. These projects are the proof that also we can move things with a little bit of sweat and energy which have a big influence on people who desperately need it.

Our vision: The house for children without a home

It is our great vision to create a sanctuary for children who have lost their parents. On our trip in 2018, the gruesome states in the orphanage we have visited brought about the decision: We can do this better. With You. Have a look where we currently stand and help us to make this vision come true.

We invite you to feel how making a difference with those projects can also change you. For more information please visit our GoFundMe Site.

Day care center for Ukrainian refugee children

Children who have left their homes, families and friends head over heels now have to find their way in a foreign country. The children are mostly traumatized and hardly talk. With our cooperation partner in Bratislava, we are building a day care center, where we will take in up to 20 children with their mothers and give them a little bit of normality. Ukrainian-speaking caregivers take care of the children, help the mothers with formalities and we provide them with daily meals. You can find regular updates on Instagram. We look forward to your support through the usual channels.

Here you can follow the current construction progress of the orphanage live.

Past projects

Help for earthquake victims

Help for earthquake victims

2023. Turkey/Syria. We help on site with all the necessary things that are needed. Please help us with a donation.

Note: Please do not bring in-kind donations to us.

Feel free to check us out on Instagram and LinkedIn to see specifically what your donation has done.

The circus project

The circus project

2022. Krefeld. Hummaid e.V. has donated exactly 5.000€ to "Krefeld für Kinder" through a generous donor. The mayor of Krefeld accepted our donation. among other things for the realization of the circus project, where children in social hot spots are given a stage.

A wheelchair for Berat

A wheelchair for Berat

2022. Istanbul. Berat needed a new wheelchair, as his was now broken and too small. We are happy that we were able to help Berat quickly and easily. You can see his heartwarming reaction on Instagram. :-)

The day care center

The day care center

2022 Bratislava. Refugee children and their mothers, who have left their homes, families and friends head over heels, now have to find their way in a foreign country. With our cooperation partner we support a day care center where they can experience a little normality.

The well

The well

2018. Burkina Faso. A well, powered by the sun supplies up to 6,000 people with clean drinking water from a 60-meter depth.

The shoes

The shoes

2019. Turkey. Shoes for 400 children of an orphanage in Konya to help them make their way to school (several kilometers) with warm feet and through the upcoming winter with temperatures up to -10 Celsius.

The Food-Stacks

The Food-Stacks

2019. Burkina Faso. Rice, noodles, oil for 350 widows to cook food for their fatherless families, even if one place will always remain empty.

The Atlas Mountains

The Atlas Mountains

2019. Morocco. Food, drugs, clothes for one of the coldest regions in Morocco. The only chance to survive for a village in the winter which is annually cut off from the rest of the world.


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February 2023

Orphanage opening in Burkina Faso

The date of our trip is now final. We will fly to Burkina Faso from 24.02.-28.02. to make the big dream come true on 26.02.2023 and open OUR common orphanage, in which YOU all were involved.

If you want to be there, you can plan your trip according to our date. If you have any questions, please contact us. Here are some more details:

(1) We will fly from Düsseldorf to Istanbul on 24 February and from Istanbul to Ouagadougou (Turkish Airlines has the best connections on this route). For those who want to join us from other cities, it is recommended that we meet at Istanbul airport.

(2) You need a passport that is valid for at least 6 months.

(3) Yellow fever vaccination is compulsory, as it requires two vaccinations 3-6 weeks apart, it makes sense to start in January.

(4) A visa is required for German citizens, please check on the net how to get a visa through the embassy here in Germany (Berlin). We can also support you if necessary.

The Hummis

Through the numerous experiences and projects with Hummaid, I have learned one thing: Help changes you.

Kadir Erol

I was just lucky to be born in this affluent society, unfortunately not others.

Frank Tekook

I love to be part of a community that aims to make the world a little bit better!


Helping others makes me happy! It is an expression of my deepest gratitude.

Ali Altunay

I like helping people and playing my part in society, as well as taking responsibility.


Helping is a virtue, actually helping is a blessing.


I am part of Hummaid because even a small contribution can make a difference.


The smile and expression in the eyes of those whose lives have been made a little bit better is what fills me.


There is no great discoveries and advances, as long as there is an unhappy child on earth


The believer's shadowy place on the day of judgment is his donations.


What we do today determines what the world will look like tomorrow.


Turn your face to the sun and the shadows will fall behind you.


I support Hummaid because every human can help to change the world through his personal engagement!


Whatever you donate on earth will follow you to heaven.


With the possibility to help comes the responsibility to help.


Do you want to be happy in life, contribute to others happiness. 'Cause the love we give returns to your own heart.

Aziz Azzarouali

We need more people in this world who are wondering what we can do to make other people feel better. I want to do my part.

Wilfried Kahles

The only thing you really possess in life is the love you give.

Jens Sommereisen

The real meaning of wealth is,

is to give generously from it.

Sami Sari
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